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Any tips for acne!
Posted By dipika18 9 Dec 2015 2 Comments

Hi, I have read these blogs and I wonder if anyone has any recommendations to help me with my problems, and in turn I hope it helps others who may have  a similar problem! So, I thought I would grow out of getting spots from my teen years, not just small ones, but big under the skin painful massive ones,  usually on my T zone and on my chin. At first I thought it was down to wearing a lot of foundation so I stopped wearing make-up. But as I grew older and they carried on coming I started

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Occasional Skin Flare Ups
Posted By Tuhina79 9 Dec 2015 1 Comment

Hi Piyali,I have joined your site and love reading your blogs, really interesting and informative. My older son suffers from mild eczema since birth. I instantly recognised the signs as I am very familiar with Eczema, as a close family member had a severe form of it ever since birth. I have recognised my son's condition as being very mild and maybe just infantile! Nevertheless, there is one particular part on his thigh that from time to time aggravates, sometimes in the night I can hear him

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