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Allergenics – hypo-allergenic face and body shower gel
Posted By Piyali 18 Oct 2016 Comment


I have recently recommended this to a family member having used it myself from May this year. I had a flare up of eczema on my face and neck – possibly due to dust in the house from the building work which was going on at the time, combined with humid weather. This wash helped to calm things down, along with diet and exercise as always.

This product has no strong detergent or soap. It does contain an ingredient called ‘Allantoin’ – I did some research on this ingredient:

  • A chemical compound also known as ‘glyoxyldiureide
  • Typically contained in plants, such as ‘Sugar Beet’  and in the herb ‘Comfrey’ (Latin name: Symphytum)
  • Thought to be safe on the skin due to low instances of side effects
  • Thought to be safe for all skin types and found in many popular skin care products, including treatment for acne scars, eczema and Psoriasis
  • Helps to lock in moisture and helps dead skin cells to shed
  • Allantoin stimulates growth and repair of cells and helps to reduce inflammation.

I bought this particular product in Holland and Barrett for £7.49 and use it for when my skin is feeling more aggravated and irritable than usual.

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