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Know Your Products!!!
Posted By Piyali 7 Jun 2020 Comments

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients. This is SO important but how do you know which of the ingredients you are reacting to when there are so many? Well, what I have been doing is getting familiar with the names. If I'm using a new product, I pick out the names of ingredients which I typically see in my everyday products and look up the terms which I'm not so familiar with. Simply Me can help you, look through the blogs, you may find what you need to know,

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What can Retinol do for us?
Posted By Piyali 20 Aug 2017 Comments

  I've only just started using a face serum, recommended to me by a Sales assistant in the KIKO store, Oxford Circus. She was lovely and brutally honest! She was confident about her belief in face Serum and was adamant that I ( and everyone else for that matter) should use it to help with the pigmentation issues and the dehydrated appearance of my skin - so I purchased the Serum at a reasonable price of £23.90. The 'Sublime Youth Serum' I have been using contains Retinol.

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Ever wonder what your products are made out of?
Posted By Piyali 25 Sep 2016 Comments

If I don't react badly to a product, I definitely want to know what it contains, If I react badly to a product, I want to know what it contains! It is my mission to find this out with the new products I try...Lets start: 'PHA' - Poly Hydroxyacid, otherwise known as a Bionic acid is derived from natural sources such as milk sugar (e.g lactobionc acid) or corn (e.g maltobionic acid). Bionics build the support matrix around collagen (structural protein in our bodies! the main component of

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