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What can Retinol do for us?
Posted By Piyali 20 Aug 2017 Comments

  I've only just started using a face serum, recommended to me by a Sales assistant in the KIKO store, Oxford Circus. She was lovely and brutally honest! She was confident about her belief in face Serum and was adamant that I ( and everyone else for that matter) should use it to help with the pigmentation issues and the dehydrated appearance of my skin - so I purchased the Serum at a reasonable price of £23.90. The 'Sublime Youth Serum' I have been using contains Retinol.

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Manuka Honey – UMF?
Posted By Piyali 12 Feb 2017 Comments

Many of us have heard of Manuka honey and we all know it has medicinal properties and is super good for us but do we know why and what we should be looking for when choosing our honey? Since buying a pot of honey from Holland and Barrett last week at sale price of £13.99 (activity 20+) I've been researching about the product so let me break it down for us: UMF - Unique Manuka Factor The UMF activity is documented as a number (possibly within a logo) and the higher the number, the

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Allergenics – hypo-allergenic face and body shower gel
Posted By Piyali 18 Oct 2016 Comments

I have recently recommended this to a family member having used it myself from May this year. I had a flare up of eczema on my face and neck - possibly due to dust in the house from the building work which was going on at the time, combined with humid weather. This wash helped to calm things down, along with diet and exercise as always. This product has no strong detergent or soap. It does contain an ingredient called 'Allantoin' - I did some research on this ingredient: A chemical

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