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Posted By Damien 11 Mar 2018 Comments

For several years I have suffered from very dry skin on my hands during the later months of winter, roughly between late January and early April.  The worst affected areas of skin are between my fingers, on my knuckles and on my finger joints, which become so dry and chapped that the skin sometimes cracks and starts to bleed.  The condition is exacerbated by any prolonged manual work such as lifting boxes, moving furniture, etc., after which it can look as if I have been dragging my hands

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Home Made Face Mask for Problem Skin
Posted By Piyali 17 Jan 2016 Comments

[caption id="attachment_319" align="alignnone" width="300"] Homemade, no artificial ingredients.[/caption] I never ever apply facemasks! Its just not worth it for me. Previous facemasks or sudden change of products have lead to days and days of dry, red, oozing skin on my face, not to mention the feelings of low mood that go with it. Its a nightmare to get better once it has flared up so I just tend to stay away! As I've become more in tune with my body, I am becoming more eager to find

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The Innocence of children
Posted By SM2 19 Oct 2015 Comments

Here I was, sitting in the blazing sun in Hyde park, with my two nephews, sister, brother-in-law and Mother. We sat on the grass, relaxing over a glass of pimm’s when my older nephew, still a little baby, now a tender age of 6 said ‘aunty, I know you have eczema’. I’m not too sure what triggered this innocent comment but it must have been due to my clothing on that day, which was more revealing than normal, given the high temperature. I asked him if he knows what eczema actually is

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