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Glycerin in everything
Posted By Piyali 9 Jun 2020 Comment

Why does Glycerin seem to be in all the products I use and all those I’ve been researching into? Because glycerin, I kid you not, seems to be this magic compound that is miraculously colourless and odourless, its also known to be completely non-toxic.
So whats the point here? why is a colourless, odourless, thick liquid used in so many skin products?
Here’s the deal, glycerin acts as a barrier on the skin and therefore, protects it from chemicals which can irritate the skin, particular the outer layer, known as the ‘Stratum corneum’. Glycerin is a key component for the hydration of our skin in a lot of the products we use. It works by trapping and locking moisture in with its ‘humectant’ property. Humectant is a moisturizing agent which pulls in water from a given source, like the air for example, and locks it into the layers of the skin. Glycerin is not the only humectant mind you but one of the more commonly used types of humectant.
Like anything though, do your own research, try things out and use what works best for you.

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