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Home Made Face Mask for Problem Skin
Posted By Piyali 17 Jan 2016 Comment
Homemade, no artificial ingredients.
Homemade, no artificial ingredients.

I never ever apply facemasks! Its just not worth it for me. Previous facemasks or sudden change of products have lead to days and days of dry, red, oozing skin on my face, not to mention the feelings of low mood that go with it. Its a nightmare to get better once it has flared up so I just tend to stay away! As I’ve become more in tune with my body, I am becoming more eager to find products that can brighten my dull looking skin on my face and give me that glow that other people with good skin have…I’m still searching!

Avocado is a great source of vitamin E and honey has antiseptic qualities so I decided to try my own facemask using just these two products. My cousin also tried this facemask with me! Half a small avocado, mashed up, with two teaspoons of honey was more than enough for the two of us. We applied the mask while catching up on a series together after a hard days work. While her skin is prone to acne eruption, mine is the other extreme, very dry and prone to cracking. We kept the facemask on for 10 minutes. We both felt that it caused a slight tingle and mild stinging sensation after a few seconds of application, nevertheless, we kept it on as we both felt the same thing. On removing the mask with warm water, the skin felt UNBELIEVABLY smooth. I’m not used to my skin feeling this way, it felt like cotton. The great thing is that this very simple mask worked for both of us, with two completely different skin types! We applied this facemask every other day for a week and the results were good with no further aggravation or irritability of the skin. I will continue to apply the mask a couple of times a week to see for any long term benefits of scarring on the skin.

A small avocado costs between £0.90p and £.1.50. I used organic honey, complete with honeycomb within the jar. Usually this type of honey can cost between £5-£10 but I found a little asian convenience store in Tooting broadway which sells the good stuff for a mere £1.99!!

I can’t wait to try out more natural, homemade products and I will be comparing it to the expensive branded products too…lets see which ones work on temperamental skin…I’ll keep you posted but would also love to hear some of your ideas and experiences so please share!

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