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Occasional Skin Flare Ups
Posted By Tuhina79 9 Dec 2015 1 Comment

Hi Piyali,

I have joined your site and love reading your blogs, really interesting and informative. My older son suffers from mild eczema since birth. I instantly recognised the signs as I am very familiar with Eczema, as a close family member had a severe form of it ever since birth. I have recognised my son’s condition as being very mild and maybe just infantile! Nevertheless, there is one particular part on his thigh that from time to time aggravates, sometimes in the night I can hear him scratching in his sleep. This doesn’t happen every night. Could this be due to him worrying/stressing about something or plainly due to the skin condition? I moisturise him with Oilatum cream every evening after his shower and I have additionally started him drinking Aloe Vera juice as I have heard that this does help.

Many Thanks

One thought on “Occasional Skin Flare Ups”

  1. Thank you for your post. I feel that stress can manifest itself in various ways and being expressed in the skin is definitely one way! He is only young so I would certainly speak to him about worries he may have at school. I did and still do moisturise twice a day at least and good on you for starting the aloe vera juice, I swear by it! If any further aggravations occur, do consult your GP.

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