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SLS/SLES – What are these?
Posted By Piyali 8 Jun 2020 Comment

I can’t wait to try my new cleansing shower wash I bought from Boots this week. I saw it contains himalayan salt minerals – sounds good doesn’t it? I mean, I use himalayan salt in my food so why not try it out on my skin?! You are what you eat after all! The bottle shows ‘0% SLS/SLES but I didn’t know what that meant…until now. Let me share this with you.

SLS/SLES – Sodium laureth sulfate/ sodium lauryl ether sulfate. These are detergents i.e soaps. Detergents are NOT great for skin, it dries the skin out which is especially bad for those with pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and the like. These types of ingredients are foaming agents, the part that makes the product lather up and feel thick and foamy. This foamy part can make you feel like the product is good and satisfying to spread over the skin but its not going to feel great afterwards. I try and stay away from this type of product for the reasons above.

HImilayan salt occurs naturally and is not stripped of all its wonderful minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Himalayan salt can contain upto 84 different minerals. It is best known for detoxifying, hydrating and balancing the pH of the skin, preventing issues such as acne breakouts and creating moisture for conditions like eczema. SO, what do we know, SLS/SLES is a NO NO!! Himalayan salt may be something to try!

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